Making New IT Work for the Business

I stumbled upon a remarkable article in the Digital Energy Journal, penned by Dutch Holland. In this enlightening piece, he delves into the various strategies that underpin the successful translation of operational necessities into triumphant initiatives.

Respecting the integrity of his well-crafted article, let's briefly touch upon the five commonly employed approaches:

  1. The By-the-Book Business Analyst
  2. The Business-Experienced Analyst
  3. The Businessman CIO
  4. The IT Expert Inside the Business
  5. The Operations-Led Interface

For anyone embarking on the journey of implementing a technology-driven solution with a strong operational focus, I wholeheartedly recommend diving into Holland's article. You can find it here:

In Holland's own words,

"When trying to connect technology innovation with business, an intelligent interface between the two is required. It must be able to translate business opportunity into technical requirements; innovate, test, and evaluate; and seamlessly implement new technology into the business."