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About Mark Reynolds

  • 30+ years of Systems and Applications Engineering – small and large projects; small and large teams - project conception, architect and design, development, deployment, support and maintenance.
  • 30+ years operations-centric systems, data analytics, data mining, and data and information knowledge applications.
  • Working with end users, project champions, field technicians, and team members to create solutions addressed to solve the whole problem.
  • Project lead and chief architect for avionics systems, inspection systems, operations management systems, e-commerce systems, and portable systems.
  • Deployed multiple applications, running today in WinForms, Web Apps, and Embedded Systems - conventional and real-time - developed using diverse technologies: C#, .NET, ASP.NET, MVC, LINQ, MS SQL, National Instruments Measurement Studio, Visual Basic, Motorola 8051, and Clipper.
  • Developed using diverse technologies: WITS, WITSML, MS SQL, Oracle SQL, C#, .NET, ASP.NET, MVC, LINQ, National Instruments Measurement Studio, Visual Basic, Motorola 8051, Intel 8080 / 8085, Z-80 and Clipper.
  • Developed data processing and presentation algorithms utilizing user-centric presentation including custom controls and 3rd party toolsets.
  • Designed, fabricated and deployed electronic systems and devices including analog signals and signal preprocessing, portable electronic data acquisition, agricultural products.
  • Developed several patentable embedded algorithms and processes.
  • Dedicated, self-motivated achiever; enthusiastic, knowledge-hungry, eager to meet challenges and committed to success; adept at juggling multiple tasks in high-pressured environment.
  • Creative trouble-shooter/problem-solver with “Can Do and Will Do” attitude, who works hard and loves a challenge.
  • Adjunct Professor of Computer Science - Lonestar College.
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Real-Time Signal Processing | Centralized Information and Control Centers