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SPE Digital Energy Study Group - May

May 2012
Drilling Data Management - Southwestern's Ongoing Strategy
A brief explanation of drilling data acquisition followed by an overview of technologies involved within data acquisition, transmission, storage, visualization, and mining. Special attention will be given to industry standards including WITS, WITSML, and PPDM. Finally, an exploration of the unique demands placed on infrastructure, visualization, real-time and post-time processing and analytics will be given.

Digital Energy Journal

The Case for Business Unit Development
Operations-centric systems and technologies (specifically software and data systems) are not financial systems and are not accounting systems; they provide explicit functional benefit to the operations side of the enterprise...

SPE Drilling Study Group Technical Forum Series

December 14, 2011
Turning real time data into decisions
The remote center in Conway - how an independent harnesses real-time operations to drive true factory drilling, Mark Reynolds, Southwestern Energy

High Tech Conference, Lonestar College, Montgomery

October 21, 2011
Data and Information trends in the field for the Oil and Gas Industry
An update of the application of Data and Information technologies and requirements within the Oil and Gas industry. A top-level of current data gatherings and utilization technologies and the future of information technologies will be provided. Finally, example job postings of real jobs will be provided to illustrate the technologies in use, and the demand for professionals.

High Tech Conference, Lonestar College, Montgomery

September 24, 2009
Disaster Planning and Recovery - A checklist for the IT managers
Legal Issues: New Media in the Corporate Environment

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