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Industry and Operations

Operations and Real-Time Systems and Applications 34 years
Real-Time Systems and Applications 22 years
Computer Electronics and Systems Design and Engineering 29 years
Data Mining, Data Drill-Down, Data Analytics 26 years
Operations command centers, operations management, operations analytics 3 years
Disaster Preparedness - Planning, Implementation, Recovery 21 years

Applications and Development

Data Design, Schema Development, Data Quality and Data Retrieval 34 years
Portable Devices including Psion, Windows CE, Custom 18 years
Data Interface Technologies and Design: SOA, WITSML, RS-232, RS-485, WITS-0 32 years
C# Visual Studio 2003/2005/2008 (Win Forms, Web Apps, .NET, MVC, AJAX) 7 years
C# Database (ADO, LINQ, LINQ to SQL, Entity Frameworks, XML) 7 years
C# Component One, Telerik 9 years
VB Component One, Crystal Reports, National Instruments 19 years
SQL 2005/2008 Server Side (Stored Procedures, Views, Functions, Cross-Server) 7 years
SEO, E-Commerce, PayPal, Authorize.NET 6 years
VBasic 6, VBasic.NET, VBA (Excel and Access) / ADO / DAO 15 years
Labview, Labview Measurement Studio 15 years
Clipper, XBase 24 years
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