Houston TechFest

Spring Houston TechFest

Houston TechFest has been a central component to the Houston software development community since September 2007. Twice rescheduled due to hurricanes, this year a second event occurred – the Spring Houston TechFest. […]

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Data Mining

SPE Digital Energy Conference

Energy Forum: BP keynoter Clint Wood, “Communication continuum goes as follows: chaos – noise – data – information – knowledge – wisdom.” Interesting quotes heard during the conference. Data Mining ==> How to pull the […]

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Social Media

Wikipedia turns 10

On January 15, Wikipedia will turn 10. Yes, 10 years old! Looking back over time, the search engine game has been one of the the most rapid evolutions on the internet. Gopher dates back to […]

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Social Networking in 2011

Social Networking in 2011. (re: article by Ben Parr – http://mashable.com/2010/12/31/social-network-predictions/) Bob Metcalf (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robert_Metcalfe) once said “look at the telephone and how far it has come in a century, the Internet is only a few […]