Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation Engineer

[updated May 17, 2018] In recent years, the realm of software, analytics, and the digital oilfield has undergone significant transformations, and I’ve had the privilege to be an active participant in this journey. Background: In […]

Data Mining

Thoughts on Data Mining

Data mining, a discipline sometimes referred to as data or knowledge discovery, constitutes the intricate process of scrutinizing data from diverse angles and condensing it into actionable insights. We have previously delved into this topic […]

Knowledge Systems

What is Content?

Several internet articles and blogs address the meaning of content from an internet perspective. From this perspective, content is the (meaningful) stuff on a page, the presentation of information to the seeker. But content within […]


The Value of Real-Time Data

Real-time data poses a unique challenge for process-oriented operations. However, conveying its functionality to team members less familiar with data management can be a daunting task. To bridge this gap, we’ve categorized real-time data into […]