My Observations into VS 2022

My Environment

From the outset, I do not use all of the Microsoft Developer tools. Probably no one does.

My development focus includes:

  • Desktop solutions - WinForm and WPF
  • MS SQL - Microsaoft SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS)
  • Azure Logic Apps
  • Azure Functions
  • Azure SQL

Disclaimer: many developers, many companies, do not accept version 1 of anything - especially products delivered by Microsoft. (sorry Bil Gates)

So pardon the parochial interest, this blog focuses on areas of interest to me.

Visual Studio Logo 2022

Product Release

Watch the Visual Studio 2022 keynote address on YouTube:

64 Bit

Why has it taken so long to deliver a 64 bit version? The rollout presentation seemed to imply support for lagging developers. OK, sure. But we have 64-bit now.

However, I feel that some parts have a few rough edges. I cannot identify those shortcomings - just a feeling. But I am 100% onboard with VS 2022. The shortcoming, if real, are not show stoppers.

Azure Cloud Services

Azure development tools are built in to Visual Studio. Use the same familiar debugger to troubleshoot your code, whether it is running directly on your workstation or in a container. Publish directly to Azure, or set up a CI/CD pipeline to build and deploy your code to the cloud. All without leaving the Visual Studio IDE.
Visual Studio IDE and Azure

Azurite will be used for local emulation of Azure Storage instead of the older and no longer actively developed Azure Storage Emulator. "Azurite is an open source Azure Storage API compatible server (emulator). Based on Node.js, Azurite provides cross platform experiences for customers wanting to try Azure Storage easily in a local environment. Azurite simulates most of the commands supported by Azure Storage with minimal dependencies."

Improved Debugging and Hot Reload

What developer does not single-step through an application?

Hopefully Unit Tests and Integration Tests are fully utilized, but single stepping is still required.

Microsoft made several improvements to debugging - especially Hot Reload
Details of What's New in Debugging & Diagnostics for Visual Studio 2022 version 17.0.0

  • Attach to process dialog improvements
  • Exception helper improvements <-- always a good thing
  • Force Run to Click <-- this must have been tricky
  • Dependent Breakpoint <-- hmmm, this may be cool
  • Improved External Sources node
  • Breakpoint Gutter improvements <-- just a UI improvement, but good
  • Temporary Breakpoint <- lets us break code only once - yea! Now we do not have "Clutter of the BreakPoint"
  • Drag and Drop Breakpoint <- sort of along the lines of drag and drop the execution point - yea!
  • External Sources Node in Solution Explorer <-- I will probably learn to like it, but it can clutter the screen too.
  • Attach to process dialog improvements
  • Details of What's New in this Release of Visual Studio 2022 version 17.0.0

Improvements to Personalize the IDE

Added Color Tabs for vertical and horizontal tabs <-- I'm starting to like this!

Added Theme Pack and worked with VS Code theme authors to launch collection of custom themes

Built basic Theme Converter to convert VS Code themes to work in Visual Studio 2022.
Visual Studio Theme Pack

Added capability to synceVisual Studio theme with Windows theme

Added new document management capabilities including customizing tab width, bolding active document, and additional close button in docwell.

Checkout the Visual Studio Themes library here: Visual Studio Template Gallery

Editor Improvements

Added subword navigation
"Ctrl+Alt+Left Arrow and Ctrl+Alt+Right Arrow will now navigate by subword."
For instance, the string "HelloWorld" identifies "Hello" and "World" as subwords.

Autosave is now available as a preview feature
"If enabled, when the Visual Studio application loses focus (e.g. another window gets focus), all dirty documents will be saved to disc if possible."

I could not find Auto Save. It is supposed to be available via
Tools > Options > Environment > Preview Features

Multi-caret copy/paste experience
"Now, pasting multiple lines into the same number of carets will insert each line to a respective caret."

To use multi-caret, press Alt+Shift+mouse click or Alt+Shift+. and then use Ctrl+Shift+arrow key to expand selections. Next, press Ctrl+C to copy the text in multiple selections. Use Alt+Shift+mouse click to create multiple carets for each line to paste in where you want them. Finally, press Ctrl+V to paste each line at its own caret.

~Visual Studio 2022 version 17.0 Release Notes

Git Tooling

  • Multi-repo support under a preview flag for any Solution that spans different repositories (i.e. Solutions with projects hosted in different Git repositories)
  • Publish to Azure DevOps is now fully supported in the create git repository experience
  • Status bar enhancements including a new ability to view and open repositories from an empty VS and display a count of unpulled commits
  • The overflow menu on the Git Changes window is now available for local only repositories with additional git operations
  • Unified Diff toolbar containing the number of added/deleted lines and a discoverable configuration options
  • Commit details enhancements including a more responsive and user friendly UI

Visual Studio Release Notes


If you use C++, there are 21 improvements (Visual Studio and C++)

If not (me), they are the Linux of C. (don't flame me - I do not do C)

Help Menu

  • During 17.0 we have remodeled the Help Menu with Get Started material and helpful Tips/Tricks.
  • Provides more collaboration with our development team by adding things such as access to Developer Community, Release Notes, the Visual Studio product Roadmap, and our Social Media pages.

Visual Studio Release Notes

Other Visual Studio Improvements

Of course there are several minor, but important, improvements.

  • Extensibility
    "The Microsoft.VisualStudio.LanguageServer.Client is introducing a new way to customize notifications when a language client fails to initializ"
  • JavaScript/TypeScript
    "There is now support for a new JavaScript/TypeScript project type that allows you to create standalone Angular, React and Vue projects in Visual Studio. The projects will be created using the framework cli tools you have installed on your local machine. This also means that the template version is based on the cli versions you have on your local machine."

Download Visual Studio and Extensions

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