2018 Machine Learning in Oil and Gas Conference

April 18-19, 2018

Machine learning has now become an integral part of the operations of most oil and gas companies, allowing them to gather large volumes of information in real-time and translate data sets into actionable insights.


The New IT Paradigm in Data Driven Energy

The New IT Paradigm in Data Driven Energy

Three years ago, Machine Learning, 4th Scientific Paradigm, and eScience were seldom discussed in O&G. Today, these topics and the role of data, data knowledge, and artificial intelligence are topics found in planning, engineering, and improvement. The New IT Paradigm and the pragmatic realities of Data Driven Energy are explored in this presentation.

2018 Data Driven Drilling and Production Conference

May 30-31, 2018

It’s clear that if oil & gas companies want to grow market share and be competitive, they need to understand and implement data driven production methods…and fast.



Production Operations and the Digital Transformation process

Panel Discussion Moderator

  • How digital technology can enable operators to leverage subject matter experts to deliver data driven insights across multiple projects
  • Discover how you can use a data driven operating model to allocate personnel and resources into business-critical operations, maximising production and revenue per employee
  • Hear how you can get stakeholder buy-in across the business to deliver digital transformation projects

Cliff Summers Engineering Advisor Hess

Div Garg Business Intelligence & IDW ConocoPhillips

Jim Newman, PE Senior Director of Product Management AssetWise

Suraj Rangashayi Executive Vice President, GSO Larsen & Toubro Infotech

Machine Learning and AI Upstream Onshore O&G 2018

August 29-30, 2018

Cut Through The Theory, Code & Algorithms And Take A Deep-Dive Into What Has Truly Been Accomplished Using AI & Machine Learning.


How to Establish the Optimum Parameters Using ML

  • Calculate how many times a day and when you really need to run your artificial lift
  • Analyze existing production and well data and calculate the optimum time based on that
  • Learn how to automate the opening of valves or auto start of compressors.

4th Annual IoT in Oil & Gas Conference

September 18-19, 2018

The IoT in Oil & Gas 2018 Conference will focus on helping operators drive down costs and increase efficiencies. Energy Conference Network's IoT in Oil & Gas Conference is the world's largest focused IoT in oil and gas event.


Improving IT/ OT Collaboration --- The New Paradigm in Digital Transformation

  • Ensuring IT and OT collaborates and communicates effectively
  • How can IT help OT and vice versa?
  • Defining clear roles and responsibilities between the two silos
  • Leveraging IT to secure the OT and the importance of the business side understanding what the operational side does

Enabling the Learning Organization into the 4th Industrial Revolution

As we transition into the 4th Industrial Revolution, the speed of cyber is redefining engineering models and realigning functional disciplines. Successfully navigating the challenges will require endorsement by the senior leadership, enthusiasm within the disciplines, and commitment by team members.

Digital Transformation is not a project, but a journey requiring new mindsets and skillsets. The learning organization is challenged to tackle new paradigms while maintaining operational integrity.

This Innovation Session will tackle the challenges of empowering the learning organization beyond the engrained territorial and procedural mindsets while focusing on the objectives.

Speaker at Oil and Gas Conferences