I am an outcome-driven Leader, System Architect, and Solution Evangelist. I have a Master of Engineering and a penchant for accelerating business growth, growing technical teams, and integrating the enterprise. My background integrates unique understanding of operations, knowledge, and analytics. I actively balance engineering, design, architecture, and applications with special consideration toward operations, knowledge, and analytics.

My experience includes addressing challenges in Operations Technology, Information Technology, and Knowledge Engineering. Recently I have been a contributing leader in public forums as an Applied System Engineer and Machine Learning Architect.

I have extensive data engineering experience including acquisition, storage, retrieval, and analytics – real-time and batch. I have demonstrated superior skills in C#, VB, .NET, Office VBA, MS-SQL, and Crystal Reports. Furthermore, I have demonstrated a unique ability to analyze, automate, and integrate applications and solutions.

DevOps Skills Synopsis

✓   .NET (Framework, Standard, Core)
✓   C#, VB.NET, VBA, VB6
✓   SQL, SSMS, Red Gate
✓   Python
✓   R, Azure ML, Analytics
✓   Office Access VBA, Excel VBA
✓   Entity Framework, Dapper, Reverse POCO
✓   WinForm, WPF, MVC
✓   Clipper, FoxPro
✓   Telerik, Component One
✓   WellView, Spotfire, Boresight
✓   Pason, Petrolink
✓   IoT, Edge Computing, Real-Time

Some Thoughts and Insights from Mark (Prof) Reynolds

The Journey into DevOPS as a Mindset, not a Project

The Journey into DevOPS as a Mindset, not a Project

DevOps as a project is a failed premise since projects complete, DevOps is ongoing, ever improving. DevOps is an experiencetial trek with an end rather than an optimized path to a goal. DevOps as a mindset. [...]
The Data Driven Mindset

The Data Driven Mindset

What is a Data Driven Mindset? Why does it matter to identify Data Driven concepts? Starting from the basics, Data Driven \"means that progress in an activity is compelled by data, rather than by intuition or by personal experience. [...]
Digitization, Digitalization and Digital Transformation

Digitization, Digitalization and Digital Transformation

Three terms recently used together, often interchangeably are digitization, digitalization, and digital transformation. Given the name of this blog – Digital Transformation Engineer – I have an opinion. [...]
Knowledge as an Asset

Knowledge as an Asset

Moving knowledge within the organization is perhaps the most challenging aspect of corporate knowledge. Knowledge handoff must occur laterally and temporally. [...]
Information Theory and Information Flow

Information Theory and Information Flow

Information is the core, the root, of any business. But exactly what is information? Many will immediately begin explaining computer databases. But only a small portion of information theory is actually computer databases. [...]

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