Experienced Solutions Architect with a proven track record of designing and delivering cutting-edge solutions that drive business success. I have consistently demonstrated my ability to bridge the gap between business goals and technical requirements. My expertise in Software Development, Azure Applications, Real-Time Solutions, IEEE-1012 IV&V, and Computer Science Educator has enabled me to lead cross-functional teams to implement scalable and cost-effective solutions for diverse clients across industries.

I excel in analyzing existing infrastructures, identifying opportunities for improvement, and crafting strategic roadmaps for digital transformation. My deep understanding of industry best practices, coupled with a passion for innovation, allows me to stay at the forefront of emerging technologies, ensuring that every solution I design is both forward-looking and reliable. Moreover, my strong communication skills enable me to effectively convey technical concepts to non-technical stakeholders, fostering collaboration and alignment across the organization.

As a Solutions Architect, I am committed to delivering solutions that not only meet immediate needs but also provide a foundation for future growth. My ability to thrive in dynamic, remote work environments and my dedication to continuous learning make me a valuable asset for any organization seeking to leverage technology for strategic advantage.

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Skills Synopsis

✓   .NET (Framework, Standard, Core)
✓   C#, VB.NET, VBA, VB6
✓   SQL, SSMS, Red Gate
✓   SpotFire / Power BI
✓   Python
✓   R, Azure ML, Analytics
✓   Office Access VBA, Excel VBA
✓   WinForm, WPF, MVC
✓   Clipper, FoxPro
✓   Jet Brains / ReSharper
✓   SAGE 300, DocLink
✓   Visual Studio
✓   Telerik, Component One
✓   WellView, Spotfire, Boresight
✓   IoT, Edge Computing, Real-Time

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