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  • Montgomery College High Tech Conference
  • Digital Energy Study Groups
  • Rice University

Mark Reynolds has 30+ years of experience in operations-centric software, real-time data and knowledge solutions, data, knowledge and critical path innovation. He is a contributing author for energy industry and computer science magazines and teaches at Lonestar College. Systems such as: proactive pump-jack pumping systems to high speed digital signal processing systems to multi-dimensional oilfield data processing. Teams have included small and agile systems groups, interdisciplinary mission avionics groups, and industry leading proactive predictive analytics, case based reasoning, and data mining.

Mark is currently at Southwestern Energy where he works in the Business Application Services group and specializes in Upstream Exploration and Production. In this position, he pulls his experiences in data processing, data analysis, and data presentation to improve Southwestern Energy’s work in the natural gas production and mid-stream market.

Mark began developing military avionics systems for General Dynamics and Sikorsky Aircraft. Since 1990, he has been developing Systems and Applications for the Energy Industry including integrated information systems, systems analytics, real-time processing, and operations management.

Recently, Mark has been working toward improved data collection, retention, and utilization in the real-time drilling environment.

Mark's portfolio achievements includes:

  • Agricultural Systems and Applications
  • Oilfield Systems and Applications
  • Industrial Systems and Applications
  • Commercial Operations Systems and Applications
  • Governmental Operations Systems and Applications
  • Flight and Avionics Systems
  • Educational Solutions
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