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Evolution Well Services

Evolution Well Services® Is the “Next Generation” pressure pumping company utilizing innovative custom-built electrically powered hydraulic fracturing equipment.

Enterprise Business Applications Manager, Texas

Responsible for the deployment, operations, and support services of enterprise systems to ensure business continuity and alignment with business needs. Developed the Digital Transformation plan, established Development Standards, and Managed enterprise Finance and Accounting systems.

Top Projects (Directed, Managed and Contributed)
  • Provided the vision of the digital transformation project, the architecture, and the project plan.
  • Defined cross-department software development standards.
  • Defined the common system architecture for all development– C#, Power BI, Power Apps, SQL
  • Accomplished major transition of the document management system into DocLink.
  • Integrated Sage 300 into a common query portal to optimize Power BI and other development.
  • Initiated Master Data Management architecture.

Skills Utilized: Systems, Analytics, .NET, C#, SQL, MDM, CQRS, TDD, SDLC, Sage 300, DocLink, Azure Function Apps, Power BI, Power Apps

Southwestern Energy

An energy company engaged in natural gas and oil exploration, development and production. The Company operates Upstream and Midstream facilities in the Marcellus Shale and Fayetteville Shale areas.

Senior Solutions Architect, Data Architect, Project Architect

Responsible for architecture and development within the upstream engineering. Provided the vision and innovation identifying and implementing real-time knowledge and information projects; serving as the commonality between operations and information solutions; and guiding projects into integrated knowledge engineering. Responsible to pull together individual systems, repositories, and operation centers to add value, efficiency, and safety to the exploration and production environments.

☆ Project manager and solution architect bringing diverse enterprise projects to fruition through cross discipline teams of engineers, technical staff, and application developers.

☆ Principal architect leading and managing engineering and development teams - internal and 3rd party teams.

☆ Developed strategy, functional insight, architecture, value and operating model for drilling operations, geo-steering look-back analytics and WITSML-based real-time solutions.

☆ Architect for production analytics, geo-steering analytics, and drilling optimization solutions to maintain and reduce costs by introducing effective business and operating models.

☆ Architect for the overall delivery and quality for machine learning candidate implementations by bridging the gap between discipline experts, field experts, IT and senior management.

☆ Architect for environmental assessment and regulatory reporting application delivering full compliance.

Top Projects (Directed, Managed and Contributed)
  • Production surveillance and optimization (ProWELL+)
  • Geosteering integration and analysis (Upstream Integrated Toolbox)
  • 24/7 drilling operations with Real-time aggregation and analytics (Rig Data Intelligence)
  • Real-time drilling aggregation and analytics (Rig Data Intelligence – RDI3)
  • Drilling and completions asset allocation and scheduling (Dev Schedule)
  • Upstream operations surveillance workbook (Surveillance Assistant)
  • Site Maintenance Response and Reporting (Site Inspection Regulatory System – SIRS)
  • Data Information Sharing Hub (DISH)

Skills Utilized: Systems, Enterprise Architecture, Real-Time, Analytics, Azure ML, .NET, C#, SQL, PPDM, WITSML, VBA, SOA, CQRS, TDD, SDLC, Wellview

Intent Driven Designs

An engineering and knowledge solutions company specializing in operations-centric software, real-time data and knowledge solutions, data, knowledge and critical path innovation.

Principal Architect and Director

Engineering and development director for real-time data acquisition, electrical engineering, systems solutions, application architecture and development.

☆ Directed systems, solutions, and architecture for real-time data acquisition and electrical engineering.

☆ Managed, identified, implemented, and supported customer-directed operations-centric solutions.

☆ Delivered oilfield application design, development, and implementation including data collections, portable logging applications, and Oil Country Tubular Goods (OCTG) management systems.

☆ Collaborated with the sales, marketing, and support teams to launch products on time and within budget.

☆ Provided solutions to complex business problem areas by applying industry knowledge and objectives.

☆ Developed proprietary algorithms one of which increased the signal to noise ratio by 300% - 500% through computerized data acquisition, digital signal processing, presentation, and storage.

Top Projects (Directed, Managed and Contributed)
  • Non-destruction Pipe Inspection System (DigiPro™)
  • Oilfield pipe management, processing and reporting (Tubular Data Systems – TDS™)
  • Handheld inspection data aggregation and reporting (Portable Data Logger – PDL)
  • Census analysis and enrollment projections
  • Statement processing and mail processing system (GoPrint™)
  • Automated dry-food processing and sortation system

Skills Utilized:       Systems,  Architecture,  Planning,  Real-Time,  .NET,  C#,  SQL,  VB,  VBA,  SDLC,  Access,  Excel,  Electronics,  National Instruments,  Symbol,  OCTG,  NDT

Scan Systems

An electronics testing and analysis device manufacturer that focuses on innovation and pioneering new techniques in EMI inspection systems that set technology benchmarks in the industry.

Data System Manager

Accountable for the planning, directing, and coordinating activities such as electronic data processing, information systems, systems analysis, and computer programming.

☆ Designed and implemented Oil Country Tubular Goods (OCTG) pipe yard management software for small, medium, and large companies with up to the minute inventory, traffic, and invoicing information.

☆ Designed, engineered, developed, and implemented a portable 8051 based data accumulation device. Designed and implemented an adaptive algorithm to adjust for measurement fluctuations.

☆ Managed custom applications to ensure standards traceability and document certified test standards.

☆ Established portable data accumulation application hosted on the Symbol handheld computer devices for Oil Country Tubular Goods (OCTG) data acquisition, logging, and reporting.

☆ Designed, engineered, developed and packaged a laser-based pipe-thread inspection application.

Skills Utilized: Systems,  Architecture, Planning,  Real-Time,  VB,  VBA,  Access,  Electronics,  OCTG,  NDT