With multiple degrees in Engineering, I have focused on Digital Transformation and Systems Engineering. I draw from 40+ years of experience addressing challenges in Operations Technology, Information Technology, and Knowledge Engineering. My solutions include Real-Time Applications and Analytics through automation, adaptive processing, components, and distributed systems.

I am an engineer, innovator, team builder, and shepherd. My life-long learning philosophy is anticipation; my project approach philosophy is innovation; my team leadership philosophy is collaboration.

Projects which I lead are based on robust, reliable, resilient, and reproducible solutions. I approach knowledge engineering as data engineering – real-time tactical analytics, after-the-fact forensic analytics, and predictive analytics.

My management approach is the collaborative and cross-discipline concepts based on the 5th Discipline / Learning Organizations; the team pulls energy and excitement from the project. My team building philosophy is “the best team member is the one that can work anywhere but chooses to work here.

Recently I have been a contributing leader in public forums as an Applied System Engineer and Machine Learning Architect. Additionally, I am a contributing author for energy industry and computer science magazines, speaker at industry conferences, and Professor of Computer Science at Lone Star College.

Contact Information

Blog: http://profreynolds.com/
LinkedIn: https://LinkedIn.com/in/ProfReynolds
Twitter: @Prof_Reynolds